Blokografia Set x 6

Blokografia: E

The Polish Modernist Alphabet

Author: Zupagrafika

Collection title: Blokografia

Publisher: Zupagrafika

Pack Size: 24 x 35 cm

Sheets: 1

Model height: 12,5 cm

Released: 2013

Language: Polish

# Modernism # Paper model

Cut out and build your own letter E featuring the illustration of Dom Towarowy Alfa in Poznań, Poland. The kit includes an informative note on the building.

Blokografia by Zupagrafika is a collection of typographic paper cut-outs, inspired by post-war modernist architecture of Poland, from the massive prefabricated panel estate of Orła Białego, to the socialist-era slab of Hotel Polonez and the corbusian Za Żelazną Bramą Estate.

Architect: Jerzy Liśniewicz
Built: 1965-72
Św. Marcin

Zupagrafika (David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka)
© 2013. All rights reserved

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Blokografia Set x 6

A + E + H + L + T + W

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