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Brutal Poland

Build Your Brutalist Polish People’s Republic

Author: Zupagrafika

ISBN: 9788395057472

Publisher: Zupagrafika


88 Pages

Size: 24 x 32 cm

Language: English & Polish

Released: 2020

# Brutalism # Poland # Architectural Models

Hammer-shaped tower blocks, prefab panel housing units, cosmic flying saucers, raw concrete monoliths; these are some of the socialist-era constructions that reshaped the Polish urban landscapes destroyed during WWII.

Explore the modernist and brutalist architecture erected in the former Polish People’s Republic and build some of its most striking edifices, from the massive housing estates of Warsaw, to the brutal Hotel Forum in Kraków.

The first part of Brutal Poland includes chapters with photographs and informative texts providing a valuable insight into the featured buildings and their history. The second part contains nine pre-cut and pre-folded models to press out and assemble with easy to follow instructions: all you need is glue.

The book is bilingual (English & Polish) and includes a foreword by architectural historian Anna Cymer

9 press-out models to assemble:
Za Żelazną Bramą. Warsaw
Smolna 8. Warsaw
Hotel Forum. Kraków
‘Manhattan’. Łódź
Os. Orła Białego. Poznań
Falowiec. Gdańsk
Spodek. Katowice
Superjednostka. Katowice
Os. Plac Grunwaldzki. Wrocław

Author: Zupagrafika (David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka)
Photographs: David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka (with the exception of Hotel Forum, vv.aa)
Publisher: Zupagrafika © 2020. All rights reserved

Brutal Poland by Zupagrafika, a book exploring Polish Brutalist architecture
Osiedle ‘Manhattan’ in Łódź
Osiedle Plac Grunwaldzki paper model
Osiedle Plac Grunwaldzki by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak, Wrocław (Poland)
Paper model of Osiedle Plac Grunwaldzki by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak
Mini verision of Osiedle Plac Grunwaldzki by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak, Wrocław (Poland)
Hotel Forum in Kraków
Paper model of Hotel Forum in Kraków
Superjednostka in Katowice
Falowiec housing estate in Gdańsk
Paper model of Za Żelazną Bramą estate in Warsaw
Mini Smolna 8 tower block. Warsaw
Osiedle Za Żelazną Bramą in Warsaw (Poland)
Osiedle Za Żelazną Bramą. Warsaw
Nowa Huta housing estates in Kraków
Orła Białego housing estate in Poznań
Paper model of Osiedle Orła Białego. Poznań
Hotel Forum and Kino Kyiv in Kraków (Poland)
Paper model of Falowiec housing complex in Gdańsk
Falowiec. Gdańsk
'The Maisonette House' residential building in the Old Town was designed by Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak
Spodek by Maciej Gintowt, Maciej Krasiński. Katowice
Paper model of ‘Manhattan’ (Łódź, Poland)
‘Manhattan’ housing estate in Łódź
Superjednostka in Katowice (Poland)
Brutal Poland by Zupagrafika. A book on Brutalism in the former PRL

The book compiles illustrated paper models created by Zupagrafika throughout the last decade, and an extensive photographic documentation of the Polish post-war architecture collected by David and Martyna. It is complete with new, unpublished photography and architectural models. All illustrations show original facades from before renovation showcasing elements added by the tenants, such as satellite dishes or graffiti. Zupagrafika would like to thank the tenants who kindly posed with the models in front of their homes: Mrs. Elfrida, Bożena, Jadwiga, Małgorzata and Krystyna.

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