Photobook Set #3


Soviet Landscapes of Post-Industrial Russia

Authors: Zupagrafika & Alexander Veryovkin

ISBN: 9788395057489

Publisher: Zupagrafika


192 Pages

Size: 17 x 24 cm

Language: English

Released: 2021

# Photography # Monotowns # Soviet Architecture

A photographic exploration of the Soviet monotowns − urban settlements erected around single industries in the hinterlands of the former USSR −; some thriving, others struggling to survive, still others partially abandoned.

Through nine chapters with over 130 photographs taken by Russian photographer Alexander Veryovkin, Monotowns by Zupagrafika captures the post-industrial landscapes and Soviet-era architecture of the monogorods extending from the Arctic Circle to the Russian Far East, such as Vorkuta, Norilsk, Mirny, Kirovsk, Tolyatti, Cherepovets, Magnitogorsk, Monchegorsk and Nikel, and the daily lives of their inhabitants.  

Includes informative texts providing a valuable insight into the urban development of the featured cities and a foreword by the architectural critic Konstantin Budarin.

‘The Soviet economy was organized according to five-year plans, with the whole country operating like an enormous corporation. Monotowns were like different departments within this corporation.’

– Excerpt from the foreword

Background info
Monotowns is a follow-up to Concrete Siberia and Eastern Blocks, created by Zupagrafika. This time, David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka expanded their research to include Russia's 'monocities,' inviting Alexander to capture specific locations within a selection of company towns. The featured photographs were taken over a two-year period during winter, with temperatures reaching as low as -35° Celsius in some places.

Authors: David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka (Zupagrafika); Alexander Veryovkin (photography)
Words, research, edition: David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka (Zupagrafika)
Foreword: Konstantin Budarin
Publisher: Zupagrafika © 2021 for all the images. All rights reserved

Vorkuta. Komsomolsky settlement near Vorkuta Ring
Everyday life in Cherepovets
The Volgar Sports Palace in Tolyatti
Industrial landscapes of Magnitogorsk
Lenin monument in Magnitogorsk
Vorkuta. Settlements around Vorkuta Ring
Vorkuta. ‘Glory to the conquerors of the Arctic’
Spreads of Monotowns: Soviet Landscapes of Post-Industrial Russia
‘Olymp’  sports complex in Tolyatti
Oganer microrayon in Norilsk
Vorkuta. Abandoned settlement of Yurshor established in 1944
Soviet-era architecture in Norilsk
Panelka and Kukisvumchorr Mountain in Kirovsk
Entrance and the Palace of Culture in Nikel
Monotowns book by Zupagrafika and Alexander Veryovkin

If the factory isn’t doing well, it puts the whole city in danger. And a lot of these factories aren’t doing well.’

– Excerpt from the foreword

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