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Unique gifts for architects, designers, urban explorers and photography lovers: Beautifully crafted photo books, brutalist paper model kits & books, brutal posters and more

The Tenants

Designed especially for children and their parents, this kit allows you to build your own avant-garde constructions inspired by seminal examples of constructivist architecture, such as Melnikov House, Kirov Town Hall or Nikolaev`s House

The Tenants

Our photo books explore the modernist and brutalist architecture of Central and Eastern Europe through stunning photographs, and provide a valuable insight into the featured buildings and their place in the history of the former Eastern Bloc.

84 €

The Tenants

These unique hardcover books include chapters with informative texts, photographs and illustrations of brutalist and post-war modernist buildings, and are complete with press-out & pre-folded paper models. All you need is glue!

69 €

The Tenants

A wide range of illustrated posters portraying some of our favourite brutalist constructions, such as the Hotel Forum in Kraków designed by Janusz Ingarden in the early 1970s (Size A3+)

15 €

Brutal Notebooks by Zupagrafika
Warsaw notebook: Za Żelazną Bramą
Paris Brut Notebook: Immeuble Mouchotte
Paris Brut Notebook: Les Choux de Créteil
Eastern Blocks Notebooks

Our pin badges are made of stainless steel & resin and are inspired by the mass housing and prefabricated panel technology widely used in Central and Eastern Europe after WWII.

46 €

Brutal Notebooks by Zupagrafika

A set of three beautifully illustrated sketchbooks inspired by the post-war modernist housing estates of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow.

15 €

Brutal London by Zupagrafika: Brutalist Tower Blocks 

Our illustrated cut-out paper models celebrate the 1960s and 1970s brutalist architecture of London. Enjoy building your own brutalist masterpieces!

46 €

New !
The Tenants

Our latest photo book explores the Soviet-era playgrounds found in some of the former USSR countries, such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

25 €


The iconic book 'Panelki' allows you to assemble a Soviet-era prefab block, panel by panel, while learning about the history of mass housing in the former Eastern Bloc.

24 €

Brutal East

This is the first volume of the worldwide acclaimed 'Brutal East'. Explore, cut-out and build your own brutalist edifices erected behind the Iron Curtain and in the former Yugoslavia, from omnipresent pre-cast housing estates to the mighty Soviet landmarks awaiting renovation or threatened by premature demolition.

19 €

Prints from our photography book Eastern Blocks: Concrete Landscapes of the Former Eastern Bloc
Warsaw: Osiedle Torwar
Moscow: Yasenevo
Berlin: Lichtenberg
Kyiv: T-shevchenko University
Warsaw: Osiedle Za Zelazna Brama
Saint Petersburg: Housing estate in Novosmolenskaya

A selection of prints extracted from our photo book series. Click in the images to shop. Prints are 19 €