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Unique gifts for architects, designers, urban explorers and photography lovers: Beautifully crafted photo books, brutalist paper model kits, brutal posters and more

The Tenants

Designed especially for children and their parents, this kit allows you to build your own avant-garde constructions inspired by seminal examples of constructivist architecture, such as Melnikov House, Kirov Town Hall or Nikolaev`s House

19 €

An interactive art book celebrating the Polish School of Posters, through some of its iconic film, theatre and cultural affiches created between the 1950s and the late 1980s., together with an outstanding urban equipment used to display them - the poster column

26 €

The Tenants

Our photo books explore the modernist and brutalist architecture of Central and Eastern Europe through stunning photographs, and provide a valuable insight into the featured buildings and their place in the history of the former Eastern Bloc.

84 €

The Tenants

These unique hardcover books include chapters with informative texts, photographs and illustrations of brutalist and post-war modernist buildings, and are complete with press-out & pre-folded paper models. All you need is glue!

69 €

The Tenants

A wide range of illustrated posters portraying some of our favourite brutalist constructions, such as the Hotel Forum in Kraków designed by Janusz Ingarden in the early 1970s (Size A3+)

15 €

Brutal Notebooks by Zupagrafika
Warsaw notebook: Za Żelazną Bramą
Paris Brut Notebook: Immeuble Mouchotte
Paris Brut Notebook: Les Choux de Créteil
Eastern Blocks Notebooks

Our pin badges are made of stainless steel & resin and are inspired by the mass housing and prefabricated panel technology widely used in Central and Eastern Europe after WWII.

46 €

Brutal Notebooks by Zupagrafika

A set of three beautifully illustrated sketchbooks inspired by the post-war modernist housing estates of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow.

15 €

Brutal London by Zupagrafika: Brutalist Tower Blocks 

Our illustrated cut-out paper models celebrate the 1960s and 1970s brutalist architecture of London. Enjoy building your own brutalist masterpieces!

46 €

New !
The Tenants

Our latest photo book explores the Soviet-era playgrounds found in some of the former USSR countries, such as Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

25 €


The iconic book 'Panelki' allows you to assemble a Soviet-era prefab block, panel by panel, while learning about the history of mass housing in the former Eastern Bloc.

24 €

Brutal East

This is the first volume of the worldwide acclaimed 'Brutal East'. Explore, cut-out and build your own brutalist edifices erected behind the Iron Curtain and in the former Yugoslavia, from omnipresent pre-cast housing estates to the mighty Soviet landmarks awaiting renovation or threatened by premature demolition.

19 €

Prints from our photography book Eastern Blocks: Concrete Landscapes of the Former Eastern Bloc
Warsaw: Osiedle Torwar
Moscow: Yasenevo
Berlin: Lichtenberg
Kyiv: T-shevchenko University
Warsaw: Osiedle Za Zelazna Brama
Saint Petersburg: Housing estate in Novosmolenskaya

A selection of prints extracted from our photo book series. Click in the images to shop. Prints are 19 €