Blok Wschodni

Architecture  I  Illustration  I  Product design  I   2014 

Build Your Own Post-War Modernist Warsaw

Blok Wschodni celebrates the post-war modernist architecture of Warsaw, Poland. The collection allows you to reconstruct some iconic examples of functional architecture, such as Rotunda PKO, monolithic concrete structures, like Smolna 8 and Za Żelazną Bramą Estate, as well as wielka płyta prefab panel blocks to be found in the suburbs.

The collection is printed on recycled paper and includes an informative note on each building. Featuring 5 illustrated paper models to cut out and assemble:

Rotunda PKO
Za Żelazną Bramą
Smolna 8
Osiedle Puławska
Osiedle Tarchomin

Must Have award 2014 by Łódz Design Festival
Dobry Wzór / Good Design Award 2014 nomination by Polish Institute of Industrial Design

Zupagrafika (David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka)
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Blok Wschodni