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Tworzymy dla tych, którzy tak jak my kochają książki, architekturę, design i fotografię. Zostaw nam parę słów od siebie.

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Alfred Stewart

Great book! High quality

Thank you very much! Great book in great condition. Eastern Blocks brings me back home.


Bardzo polecam

Album od Zupagrafika kupiłem byłej na urodziny. Bardzo polecam. Można sobie złożyć z kartoników miniwersje polskich perełek brutalizmu!


Interesting comparisons

'Eastern Blocks' goes way beyond the standard tome of architectural pictures. Not only is composition of the static element superb but all pictures have human elements to add scale and context and a hint at the lives lived in the company of the buildings shown. The pictures are deeply moving human documents.


A visual feast

A visual feast showcasing the underappreciated level of variety in precast concrete housing blocks on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The volume is light on detail and the authors invoke editorial neutrality to swerve rumination on the implications this form of architecture has on those subjected to it, but none of this detracts from their stated mission of challenging established but demonstrably false stereotypes about the mundane homogeneity of commieblocks.



Love all your books! You guys do a great job.


Edizione di grande pregio, bellissime immagini

Il libro presenta più di 100 immagini delle immense architetture residenziali dei paesi dell'ex Unione Sovietica oltre ad alcuni curiosi edifici non residenziali. Le fotografie sono ottimamente realizzate, estremamente coerenti, di alto profilo tecnico, accurate e presentano vedute d'insieme oltre a numerosi dettagli caratterizzanti. Punti di visita ricercati e ammirevoli. L'edizione è di pregio con copertina rigida e un formato che perfettamente si adatta alle immagini. Grafica invidiabile completa di mappe indicative della posizione dei singoli soggetti. Le immagini sono corredate da preziose didascalie e da una breve, ma necessaria introduzione. Prezzo ottimo per un bellissimo coffe table book da avere e da regalare. Ottimo lavoro, brava Zupagrafika!


Concrete Siberia

Great photographs and a bit of historical information on presented cities. I love the style of writing, it is engaging and sparks interest. My favorite chapters are Omsk, Norilsk, and Yakutsk.

Lent Iggini

Thank you for creating Panelki

спасибо вам !) вы очень крутое издательство !)



Gracias! Ojalá en algún momento publiquen sus obras en español porque son hermosas! Saludos!

Vlad Arkhangelsk


Wenn du deine Freundin mit deinem Architekturfimmel schon so weit gebracht hast, dass ihr euch ohne es zu merken gegenseitig Zupagrafika. Bücher und Modelle schenkt...

Aga Prokopenko


Cudowna jest ta książka - mam wszystkie 3 i chcę więcej 😉



Meraviglia, pacco perfetto e spedizione nei tempi stabiliti 😊, grazie!

Bogusław G.

Brutal Poland

Polecam, dużo radości dla amatorów architektonicznej historii Polski.

Debra Beretta


Its #snowing today. Good #reading for a #cold day from #Zupagrafika

Jan Kutter


Oh Gott, wie wunderschön!

Della Cioppa

Libro bellissimo

Consegnato nei tempi previsti, pacco consono e arrivato non danneggiato. Libro con fotografie stupende.


Soviet Playgrounds

Probably the most mundanely beautiful photography collections I have ever seen, though I am no connoisseur. A book about 'semi-abandoned' Soviet playgrounds may conjure drab, depressing, even creepy images that inspire pity for any child who had to grow up there (not my personal opinion). These photos destroy that assumption, instead portraying strikingly colourful structures which contrast with the pure white snow and panel housing blocks.



Another great addition from Zupagrafika in the collection. Awesome photos of some interesting places, along with some familiar sights I'd seen whilst in Tolyatti.

Ania G

Beautiful book

Amazing photographs of fascinating, surreal landscapes. The edition is beautiful too.



This is a beautiful book of photographs to immerse oneself in. I read it on day two of a COVID lockdown with winter approaching and it was perfect for my feelings at the time. The buildings are beautiful and creative and the amount of supporting text, describing context, construction method and timelines, spot on. And these Zupagrafika books are beautifully bound and produced. Recommended

Matthew Sigley

Thank you

Thanks Zupagrafika for these wonderful books which arrived today. If you can’t travel then travel with books.



Не смог удержаться от покупки. Построй Хрущевочку своей мечты 😀



J'aime beaucoup ce que fait Zupagrafika. J'avais acheté le précédent bouquin Eastern Block et leurs immeubles brutalistes en carton à découper. 

Grey Comrade


Very juicy album, excellent examples chosen - authors really know their block. I'd gladly buy 'Eastern Blocks' volume 2 😀


Soviet Siberia

If you are into this sort of thing there really is no better book. Soviet prefab and Brutalism is, I will acknowledge, not to everyone's taste, but I found the introductory essay helpful and the photography is astounding.


Un très bel album photo du brutalisme du bloc de l'est mais un manque de diversité

Ayant vécu à Moscou et appréciant voyager à travers l’Europe de l'Est, je suis sensible à l’esthétique lugubre de ces constructions vestiges d'une utopie violente et d'une culture très particulière, marquant encore ces pays.
Enfin, le papier recyclé est le bienvenu pour les pages intérieures mais la couverture paraît assez fragile et sensible aux éventuelles traces de doigts gras futures. Affaire à suivre...
Au global, malgré les réserves évoquées ci-dessus, le livre est excellent et a toute sa place dans la bibliothèque des amateurs de ce genre. Et ceci pour un prix très correct.


Super książka

Warto mieć taką na półce dla potomnych :-)

Dan Sutton

Brutal East

Should get Zupagrafika to do a book for Essex. I've the Brutal East Book and give it 10 out of 10!

Johanna Lindner

Central Asia

Love your books. Could you please go to Central Asia and make a book about the architecture there?

M x P

A bit tricky but fun

Some of the models were a bit tricky and didn't come out quite as well as they are shown in the pictures but there is enough buildings provided to spend a couple of days happily folding and gluing.

C. Robbiano


In attesa di partire mi procurerò anche gli altri titoli di Zupagrafika che ha un catalogo molto interessante per chi come me si nutre di malinconia #Concrete Siberia

Emma Sabzalieva


My copy of Panelki finally arrived. Something to cheer me up on a dark day. Zupagrafika thank you!


Thank you Santa

Great addition to my library.  Thank you Santa!


Brutal Poland

Genialna pozycja, i  zarazem nie lada gratka dla fanów czasów PRLu i dla miłośników tamtejszej architektury. Fajnie wszystko wykonane, solidne, super zabawa. Zarówno ja jak i mąż jesteśmy zachwyceni. Tyle szczegółów, tyle detali. Gratuluję autorom i polecam bardzo mocno.



Superb photos - love the perfect verticals and horizontals. Nicely exposed skies and snow, with a person often included for scale and colour. Well done Zupagrafika


Uber Cool!

I ordered one of your bundles. It came well packaged and I loved the postcard that came with it. Arrived in just 3 days in Hamburg!


Imposante Bilder!

Die Fotografien in diesem Buch sind wirklich klasse. Es ist von der Größe her, für meinen Geschmack, jedoch etwas zu klein. Die Fotos würden in einem größeren Format noch imposanter wirken. Einzelne Details würden dann auch besser zur Geltung kommen. Und ein Wohnblock mit hunderten Fenstern bietet genug davon. Es ist auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen.


Brutal London

Much more informative and researched than you would expect from a collection of paper models.

Sergey Tsiulin


A journey to most brutal regions of Soviet Russia



Ciekawy album. Obrazy modernistycznej i brutalistycznej architektury jednych z większych europejskich miast w tym - Warszawy 🖤

Apartment 46

Lovely surprise

My sister is the BEST! 🖤 I have been wanting this book for so long and she surprised me with it in the mail today! 


Intrigante percorso urbano / fotografico

Ottimo excursus storico/fotografico 

Anton Iokov 

Brutal London

The book is a pleasure to look at and to touch — just as the buildings it describes. It definitely nudges you to explore London looking for other hidden brutalist gems.



Monotowns is a photography book of absolute beauty, if by beauty you think of ex-Soviet architecture mostly in snowbound northern Russian cities devoted to heavy industry. I do. Some unbelievable, some incredibly grim, some like a Dystopian graphic novel. Amazing.



Bought myself Eastern Blocks, already enjoying it, looking forward to be able to visit the places depicted on the book!

Maya Oppenheim

Concrete Siberia

Can’t recommend Concrete Siberia enough. Thank you David & Martyna!

Sascha Köppe

Photobook Set

Best Company Ever

Eli K.

Brutal Britain

I really like how the models are simple to build but capture the essence of the buildings. Good companion to Brutal London.



Niesamowity produkt, tak jak każda książka z serii. Polecam bardzo!

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