Robin Hood


Architect: Alison & Peter Smithson

Built: 1969-1972

213 apartments

Woolmore Street



E14 0HG

The set contains 2 sheets of 100% recycled paper:

Printed in Poland.


Pack size: 23 x 35 cm

Assembled Model: 15.5x8.5x3.5cm

All images in the collection are illustrations

Demolition plan



Brutalist Tower Blocks
Paper cut-outs
6 €

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‘Brutal London’ by Zupagrafika allows you to reconstruct some of the most controversial edifices erected in London between the 1960s and 1970s. The collection features brutalist buildings scattered around the districts of Camden, Southwark or Tower Hamlet, from the iconic tower blocks (Balfron Tower, Barbican, Space House), through housing estates doomed to premature demolition (Robin Hood Gardens, Aylesbury and Ledbury Estates), to concrete grand designs (National Theatre). Printed on 100% recycled paper. includes a short technical note on the architects, year of construction and exact location of each building.

36 €

_Aylesbury Estate

_Balfron Tower 


_Ledbury Estate

_National Theatre

_Robin Hood Gardens

_Space House

Set x 7

Brutal London