SPOT. Cardboard Menu and wine list

The concept revolves around the restaurant`s character which combines finely renovated industrial architecture and new Polish cuisine. We play both with the name SPOT. and the raw structure of grey board. Due to their intense use in the restaurant, the covers were secured by hand lamination in cold. Following numerous waterproofs and experiments with various materials and systems, we found this method the most effective solution for a convenient maintenance and functionality of the menus. 


Cover design in two versions – natural for the menu, black for the wine list 

The grey bookbinding board is silk screened and the interior is made of 100% recycled paper.

Client:  SPOT. Poznań, Poland.

Editorial design  I  Branding  I  Typography  I   2014

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Dobry Wzór 2015 / Good Design Award 2015 
nomination by Polish Institute of Industrial Design