Nesting Blocks


Creating a modernist district for birds in the woods, using graphic technics by means of which we apply the pattern of Polish "Wielka Płyta" onto plywood nesting boxes. 

The Idea was translated into a worshop where we made use of manual composition techniques as a reference to LETRASET. The old composition technique was widely appreciated by both architects and graphic designers from 1960s to 1980s before computers dominated those fields. 

The aim was to change nesting boxes into prefab blocks using transfer of architecture elements as well as imprints of basic textures on the wooden surface.

The prefab bird houses are on display in Park Jana Pawła II in Poznań, Poland. 

Architecture  I  Installation  I  Product design  I   2013

The workshop

Place: Poznan (Poland) / Organized by Fundacja Spot.

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