Mini Prefab


Printed in Poland.


Mini Prefab Panels is a set of mini cardboard panels to construct your own prefab blocks.

The set contains 15 panels (3.5x3.5cm each) made of 2mm grey cardboard.

Use white glue to connect the panels.

Mini Prefab Panels are a replica of the prefabricated concrete panels typically used in Poland and other countries in Eastern and Central Europe
in 1950s-80s., as a cheap and quick construction system to cater for the increasing housing demand in the cities after WWII.

This is a free conceptual construction set which allows you to create your individual and unique architectonic forms.

You can create your own mini prefab panel block using white liquid glue to connect the panels.

First, connect them flat on a table to make sure they are level. Then, you can start assembling the walls around.

If you want to add a roof to your construction, just use the same prefab panels, but turn them upside down so that the not printed side is visible.

You can also use any cardboard sheet you have at home for this purpose.


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